Southland Roleplay is a Civilian-Focused Role-play server on FiveM. We believe that there's more to role play than just criminals and cops (though it's where the fun is usually at!).

Established in July of 2018, we are a civilian-focused server based in a fictional location in the State of California. Our server aims to focus on civilian lifestyle, so that you don't have to feel like it's          necessary to join Public Safety or a criminal faction just to find role-play or to earn a decent income. In the Southland, dreams come to life; Actors make the big screen, entrepreneurs strike gold and rock stars soar to fame. What will you become known for?

The leadership of Southland RP consists of firefighters, police officers, and university graduates. We believe that the success to a community is a strong backbone of leadership and experience. Our management team is hand chosen and closely monitored by the Director for player satisfaction. If you're tired of the chaos of your average FiveM server; Look no further than Southland RP.

If this is your first time playing with us, it might be a little intimidating as our role-play scripts are 100% written from scratch from our Lead Developer, RhapidFyre. Please take time to get familiar and enjoy each and every moment you spend with us. If you just can't get the hang of it or you find yourself unsure of how to proceed, you can request an admin or chat in the Global /ooc channel

Whatever your reason for visiting us today, we thank you for taking the time to connect to our server. You won't regret it.

Server Owner: Darien Alwyn

Lead Developer: RhapidFyre

Director of Personnel: Victor Payne

Director of Factions: Jordan Guntel

Director of Gaming Operations: Capt. Oblivious